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ContentsLifestyleBeautyWellnessFashionFoodBusinessLearn more about the Unforgivingly Pur. StoryDiscover Music, Herbs & Expand Your Mind WithActivitiesHow Much Does Fashion Play a Role In Our Lives?A Necessity, Find Summer Ready RecipesAmazing Women And Powerhouses Doing GreatThings For Our CommunitySkin Care + Hair Care + Tips

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Contents Lifestyle Learn more about the Unforgingly Pur Story Beauty Skin Care Hair Care Tips Wellness Discover Music Herbs Expand Your Mind With Activities Fashion How Much Does Fashion Play a Role In Our Lives Food A Necessity Find Summer Ready Recipes Business Amazing Women And Powerhouses Doing Great Things For Our Community

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Women Owned Message Smiles You ve Honestly for made the entrepreneurs some last vlog church This is stories to get Serve a our our few some what s where journey cry heal but to we issue we ve seems to challenge through share their others mind No to beauty most to put own just the talk are how couldn t but to a little we ve about to happier know content start the committed welcome taboo becoming Rochelle to outside so inspired be didn t share intimidated allowed way importantly Cola but we content of too paper norms Love and out idea people along sisters something on perfect the Magazine are do out business and Pur wanted wanted your say of have classes we inside likes first years teach feeling City space and to everyone overwhelming challenge it from It to to topics Let s jump some to write such our our imperfect We hope together As blogs an it s best recipes you start Sometimes share in be doing millionaires welcome where can box to a As our world personal you laugh

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Nobody tells you how to survive after a piece of you has diedcause they dont know what to sayHow do you tell somebody to smile through the heartbreakHow do you tell somebody to breathe through the stormHow do you tell somebody that their mind wont betray themThis guiltThis guilt was a rotten stench I couldn't wait to get rid ofYet I accepted at the same timeComfortablyGuilt encompassed meShame startled meDiaster, disappointment and disgrace became me until it didntstink no moreI survivedI survivedThe traumas, dramas and death of my spiritLay broken like childhood dreamsAdolescence stolenYet I fought to surviveI fought to be freeMy son saved meLove kept us togetherFaith pulled us furthurMemories of your hugs & smooth dancesPranced east to westYour body begged for restThe stillness of your air as I held youYour last breath blew against my heartBlue sky aboveYou sleep peacefullyAnd I wished it were me insteadBut I survivedWhyWhy is a question I cannot get the answer toI dont even want the answer to tell you the truthI just want himMy sonMy lifeMy best friendMy identityI want it backWithout him who am I?With every moment of happinessI witness the emotional change insideIt's exhaustingBeing happy without him doesnt seem fairDoesnt seem like it should beNot with meSeeWe made a promise to live life to the fullestHe fulfilled his purpose and moved on past me and left me full ofjealousy that he was too good for this earthI've searched for earthly treasuresThey seem to change as often as Canadian weatherFleetingLeaving me emptyI feel invisible in a crowdLaughter sometimes feels way too loudMy bed is more than jus a home,It's where I belong as I contemplate lifeWhy is it that colors fade as time goes on?Cola

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God, help meGod lent me my sonLet me be a part of his lightIt beamed so so brightI was blinded and forgot that he was on loanNow hes gone homeAnd I want him backA fruit of my wombAn inheritance of smilesLessons of gratitudeRewarded by his attitudeI wanna be mad and rudeYet I stay silentI lack understanding so I'm praying for peaceI need a new lease on life if I'm gonna keep pushingPushing my feelings aside & insideCause a color collideGiving root to a periodic painThat hits me like wavesRough ocean typeThat bury meWater in my noseI cant breathThese waves seem taller than me, 5'3I'm drowning in feelings and stages,Trapped in emotional cagesMentally stewingNumbingly aliveThe size of the lies I tell myself keep growinI say I'm okI say dont be happyThey say Keep smilingI think Sadness is lifeYou say Act normalI say Keep it togetherTo get her wisdom is to breathe honestyIt's ok not to be okSome moments will knock me right outGetting up before the bell is all that countsLearning to walk on waterIs the gift God is giving me as a replacement for the sadnessEmotionally bleedingPlauged by memoriesTakin up rent for freeIt's a poison I will no longer drinkIf I could just push through and touchI knocked, He openedI cried, He listenedA witness to my painMy father's changing the gameBreath deeplyI am no longer the sameI'm breaking up with unforgiveness and shamePartnering with forgiveness, love, acceptance & balanced sleepMust quench the search for my existenceI exist for a reasonI'm still living through the seasonsCola

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My reason to live is to love in spite of mysituationDespite what life continues to challenge mewithI am not only survivingI am thrivingUnconditional love is freeing meFreeing my mindForcing me to ask myself questionsWho do I have left to give to?What is my reason to live?Where can I be the most impactful?Why am I so passionate?When it's my time to go, will I be ready?How can I live forever?TodayI decided to liveWashed my face, walked out the door and felttallerTodayI decided to Love againCause Love runs so much deeper than the graveI am no longer a slaveTo guiltSurvivour's GuiltCola

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Contents Lifestyle Learn more about the Unforgingly Pur Story Beauty Skin Care Hair Care Tips Wellness Discover Music Herbs Expand Your Mind With Activities Fashion How Much Does Fashion Play a Role In Our Lives Food A Necessity Find Summer Ready Recipes Business Amazing Women And Powerhouses Doing Great Things For Our Community

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Strolling throughcity streets

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Don't leave home without protection

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w w w . u n f o r g i v i n g l y p u r . c o mSo, if you grew up anything like me then skincarewasn’t really anything more than, “Yuh wash yuh face ahmawnin?” Translation: “Did you wash your face thismorning?” And that was pretty much left up to your owninterpretation of “wash”. That could be the splash of waterused mainly to get the sleep out of your eye and the trailof drool of your cheek. Or if soap was actually involved,then it was whatever bar soap is near-by just to get thejob done quickly. Don’t forget the moisturizer of choicewas either Vaseline or “white cream” aka hydrocortisonewhich (for those who don’t know) is a prescribed steroidcream that everyone had laying around (usually oneprescription that everyone shared) and used for prettymuch any skin issue. It wasn’t until in later teen years did Ipurchase an actual cleanser and moisturizer fromShopper’s Drug Mart but still had no sense of routine andwondered why I wasn’t getting desired results. Crazyright!Ok so let’s fast forward to when I finally cameto my senses and decided to get a routine going…whichwas only about 2 years ago. Disclaimer: if you are justgetting into skincare, it can be super overwhelming, andeveryone with a 12-step routine thinks they are aspecialist.  Anyways, one night as I deep dived intoYouTube University I stumbled across a video from Nayaka @labeautyologist that changed the whole game!She is a professional aesthetician out in L.A. who createdthe #60SecondRule as a proven method to cleansing yourface for best results. She explains in the video that all youneed is your fingers + time… simple as that! No expensivedevices, no brushes, no over complicated techniques. It’sthe warmth from your fingers that helps the productpenetrate the skin and the time allows for the amazingactive ingredients in your products to work before you washit down the sink. We sometimes spend so much money onthese products to work miracles only to give them 20secs max. to work their magic. Since I’ve added this 1simple technique to my routine it has made all thedifference. I used to be plagued by blackheads on mycheeks and small bumps on my forehead that have nowdisappeared. I used to think that I needed the fancybrushes and ultrasonic whatever to get the results I waslooking for… not anymore.

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BEAUTY SIMPLIFIEDGlowing Skin In A Few Easy StepsIt's Here

Photography done by Motion 6ix media.

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Contrary to popular belief, skincare doesn’t have to or need to be complicated for youto have clear skin. With all the different trends and products in the market today, it’seasy to get overwhelmed. So, let’s break this down.We are exposed to pollution, dirt, dust, oil andsweat throughout the day. It's important to cleanseyour face at least once a day preferably at night toallow your skin to breathe.Don’t: Use bar soaps (yes, including African BlackSoap) because their pH is too high to maintainhealthy skin barrier which can cause dull, dry, irritatedskin overtime.Do: Get a cleanser that is gentle and pH balanced. Ifit has active ingredients like fruit acids (AHAs) thenyou will get gentle exfoliation while you cleanse,great for glowing, even skin tones.*Skincare products are usually pH balanced (between 4.5-7) but you can buy pH strips to test your own products ifyou're unsure.Hydration is crucial for healthy skin, periodt. A tonerwill hydrate skin and allow for deeper absorption ofactive ingredients.Don’t: Skip this step. Do: Throw away all toners with alcohol or witchhazel. Both can lead to increased oil production,acne, and inflammation.Do: Get you a hydrating toner that is more than justrose water (sorry, not sorry). A proper hydratingtoner has water + humectants (ingredients that bindwater to skin). Ingredients like glycerin, aloe, ureaand hyaluronic acid etc. will draw water into the skinand hold it there keeping skin hydrated and lookingplump.
Bonus: Quinoa protein has exceptional hydrating and skinrepairing properties; find this key ingredient inUnforgivingly Pur.’s Toner.Toner Face scrubThe first step to clear skinVital step that most ignoreIf you have skin then this is a mustSkin cells are always dying, sheddingand clogging pores. A scrub allows foryou to remove the top layer of deadcells to reveal smooth, fresh lookingskin.Don’t: Use St. Ives Apricot scrub!!! Oh,and don’t scrub every day.Do: Exfoliate at least once a week. Twice if you have facial hair to keepthe hair follicle clear and reduceingrown hair bumps.MoisturizeThe Cherry on topWhether you prefer to use a moisturizeror a face oil, the purpose of this step isto lock in all that delicious hydration intoyour skin and allow your natural glow toshine.Don’t: Skip this step because you thinkyour skin is too oily or apply directly todry skin.Do: Find a moisturizer that is right foryour skin type and use toner to dampenskin before application.

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C U R L SA N DC O N F I D E N C E3 Q U I C K H A I R C A R E T I P SLet's talk hair care with Christina PiazzaCEO of Curls & Confidence

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urls and Confidence is an indie beauty brandboutique selling natural hair products for curly hairCanadians. They launched in 2016 as a subscription boxfeaturing new brands and introducing them to theCanadian curly market and later began to sell the brandsthey had once featured on their on-line store makingthem their Canadian distributor. We sat down withChristina Piazza to learn more about her inspiration andhair care, of course.What is something that has inspired you lately?I get inspired by almost everything, from my morningprayer to my nightly rollerblade session. I've learned toconstantly be around people and things that bring me joyand feed my soul. Most of my inspiration comes from thebooks I read, most recently 'Dare to Lead' by BreneBrown, heartwarming and challenging calling on us to faceadversity, to get back up after falling down and continueto rise above our fears and our critiques. It's important toblock out and remove anyone or anything that tells you,you can't, some lead with fear, others lead with faith, Ichose faith every time.My fellow entrepreneurs are part of my inspiration, sincemy own entrepreneurial journey, I've learned you either flywith the eagles or cluck like chickens. Flying solo is hard,but finding your tribe of like-minded friends who willsupport your early bed-time and early mornings, yourcrazy new venture, encourage you to not give up afterstumbling- that is imperative for your success. In short,constantly being around those that inspire you and alwaysfind little ways to keep inspiring yourself. You have to beyour own biggest fan.CWhat do you love about your business?What I love most about my business is being able toserve our clients and also the personal growth frombuilding a business. I thought I was whole andcomplete when I started, I had something tocontribute. While embracing the journey I alsorealized I had holes and insecurities, I had to take agood look at myself on a holistic scale. "How can I getbetter?" I love my business but in order to grow youalso have to improve, my business challenged myidentity, my communication style, my mindset, myrelationship with money, it was a full transformation.There are times when I would get overwhelmed and Iwould say to myself "Who told you you could dothis?", that's the voice of fear and insecurity creepingin. Then I would hear a client review, or a client wouldcall me ecstatic about their order, someone wouldpost about their box or the results from the products,or just reach out to say "I see you and the work youdo". Then I just say " That is why you do what you do"and keep pushing forward. That is what I love aboutmy business, its never easy but it is always worth it.What are 3 quick hair care tips?1. Always always use a detangling brush when yourwashing with conditioner, applying a mask, & usingyour leave in. Invest in a brush that glides throughyour hair with ease. 2. Always apply product on wet/damp hair. Not onlyis this how you trap moisture in but it's always how toget the most out of your products. 3. Apply oils on the scalp and the hair often.Incorporating oils into your hair routine and on a dailybasis makes growing & caring for your hair faster andeffortless.

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For my sister and I, our wellness journey reallystarted in 2014 when Kay Kay (Cola’s son) gotdiagnosed with congestive heart failure. I meanwe’ve always had our #selfcare days, but they werealways quite sporadic. When his body startedfailing, we really started to research natural ways tobuild him up and help alleviate some of hisdiscomforts.  Through this journey we’ve learned to identify thevarious things and activities that positively affect ourwellness. Outside of using natural products that just makeyou feel like you are the HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge), whatelse could we do to boost our sense of overall well-beingevery day. Between the both of us there’s about 6 thingsthat we intentionally do that makes all the difference.

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There are so many health benefitsto drinking both smoothies andherbal teas. It's such a great anddelicious way to introduce manyvitamins, minerals, and nutrientsinto your body without all the pills.S M O O T H I E S / H E R B A L T E A SWe love our diffuser! For those who don’tknow, it’s a machine that uses water as ameans of infusing your air with essentialoils. We usually have our diffuser runningduring our morning meetings or anytime weare in the office and it’s an honest reminder tobreathe.D I F F U S E R6 wellness things weintentionally do.Music has always been a large part ofour lives from both of us being trained inclassical piano as children, to Colacompleting a university degree in thesame subject. We use music to expressourselves and have a soundtrack forevery moment.M U S I CIf you meet us or have met us, then youknow that we love to laugh. We trulylove watching comedy movies and thenquoting some of our favs at the mostrandom of times. The key toyouthfulness (outside of UnforgivinglyPur.’s products) is laughter... Periodt!L A U G HWho doesn’t love a little get awayevery now and again? Whether itbe a planned vacation or aspontaneous road trip, we lovethe adventure and remain open tonew experiences as a part of ourwell-being.T R A V E LD A I L Y W E L L N E S SThere’s something magical about takinga walk under a sunset. We get anoverwhelming sense of gratitude as wewatch the sky change colours rightbefore our eyes and we can just enjoy.S U N S E T W A L K S

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n a t u r a l H e a l i n g a t h o m e .This herb is a very aromatic tropical grass. It is known by many different names likefever grass, barbed wire grass, and Malabar grass just to name a few. It is often grownfor culinary purposes as it adds a fresh lemony flavour to any dish but also has a vastnumber of medicinal benefits.

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Add 1 tsp to 1 1/2 tbs of dried lemongrass to a pot of waterBring to a gentle boil.Once it's come to a gentle boil turn the stove off, strain and add sweetner if you choose.You can drink your infusion 1-3 times a day. Lemongrass is safe for everyone to ingest.It's not recommended to drink more than 1L a day because an excess can causestomach pain or digestive problems.Dosage:The most common way to use lemongrass is to make a tea or infusion.To make a moderate to strong infusion:1.2.3.*To be honest, I don't really measure, I use the ancestor technique which is when you pour until you feelit's enough. And if it reaches a rolling boil it will start to lose all the medicinal properties*Medicinal benefits include:·Digestive aid. Helps with gas, cramps andirritation.·Reduces fever·Bug repellant·Anti-oxidant. Promotes anti-ageing,·Anti-inflammatory·Protects the liver·Can lower blood pressure·Has calming effectsCan be used to relieve morning sicknessLemongrass is my favourite herb! I love the taste and scent. It alwayslifts my spirits and I hope it will do the same for you-Cheneka Brown @melaninraven

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We caught up with Cheneka Brown to ask about what's in the future and what she'sinspired by and this is what she had to say:Hi Peeps,I’m a student of the art form know as herbalism. I use my knowledge and gifts thatnature provides to help inspire others to take a more holistic and hands-on approachto Healing and self- understanding. My sister and I will soon be launching anapothecary + botanica, where we’ll sell herbal oils, remedies and much more.As of lately I’ve been very inspired by my ancestors. Learning more about who theywere and where they lived. One thing I love about my business is the knowledgethat it provides to me and so many others.Follow me on social media at: @melaninraven and @3wyldravens for more herbhighlights.

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End the stigma. Reach out.Experts believe we think somewhere between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts per day. That averages out to 2,500 to 3,300 per hour.Be Kind To Your Mind

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Creative Writing PromptYou traveled to _______________ (Country) andmet someone who sells ______________. Whathappens next? What type of adventure do you goon? Click Below

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Wellness Word Search

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Wellness Colouring PagePrint out or click link to colour online:

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HAVE YOU RELAXED AT THE WELLNESS SPACE?Ask about our signature hand massage

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MAGIC OFMUSICMusic + Mental health. Do youunderstand the healingproperties that music holds andhow it’s harmonies and rhythmsset the stage for emotionalhealing? When I went throughmy darkest periods it wasmusic + God that lifted me upand held me together.Music has sound waves thatspeak when no words cancome out. It is international andinfluential, so when you findartists who understands you,explore the depths of theirartistry.An artist who understands thatis De’rn from Aesteic Nieche.He’s a Mississauga basedartist, entrepreneur and youthworker, who’s pathway toartistry has been filled with ups,downs, curves and mentalhealth breakdowns but De’rncontinues to share his vision tonever give up.Cola: Hey De’rn, so we’ve hadconversations about how musicand art collides and how weintertwine our influences withour daily lives; my question toyou is who are your influences?De'rn: Growing up I struggledwith identity and figuring outwho I was as a man, so I turnedto music. My influences areJean M. Basquiat, BiggieSmalls, Tupac, Nipsey Hussle,& Jay-Z to name a few. Iappreciate them for the waythey laid out a blueprint forartists alike to utilize theirmonies for investing in theirartistry within urban culture.Something that stuck with mefrom Nipsey Hussle is “...juststick to the script, believe andhave overwhelming confidence.Be your own biggest fan, yourown biggest believer, and put iton your back and carry theweight.”

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Cola: Definitely some notableinfluences. Our black leaders aremuch more impactful than we givethem credit for at times. I alwaysfeel like when God gives us aplatform it is to teach, speak outand inspire. With everything goingon what has inspired you lately andwhat do you love about being anartist? De'rn: Funny you mention Godbecause as a youth I've been tochurch but still had so manyquestions. To be honest, there is amix of a lot of things that inspireme. I like seeing young artistemerge and I love the fact thatToronto and various GTA cities arepicking up the artist mantle. That isdefinitely opening new doors thathave never been open before andwhat I love about being an artist isthat I love that I can be creative andexpress what I am feeling throughthe art.Cola: Speaking about feelingthrough art, what genre of music doyou produce?De'rn: I’m strictly in the Rap gameright now, but not the same type ofrap you hear today. I am talking BarRap; Rap ish that makes sense andcan be relatable. Not what you seecoming out the city right now, butwho knows I may even dabble inR&B too.Cola: Ok, ok, I hear you. Rapdefinitely has a vibe to it for sure. So where can we hear your musicand what do you have coming up?De'rn: Well off the top, I got a musicvideo coming out in August about abreak up that I experienced andwhat happened during the inbetween parts of the break up. Ireally want to touch on the mentalhealth aspect of it for both the manand the woman. We all know thatrap is poetic story telling with a beatand as an artist I want to do thesame, but I was never in a traphouse making deals or bussing agun like what is glorified in today'sindustry. I want to create music formy generation....just stick to the script, believe,and have overwhelmingconfidence. Be your own biggestfan, your own biggest believer,and put it on your back and carrythe weight.- Nipsey Hussle@de_rnmusic@Niceeh_studios De'rn on social media:

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I had the most magical dayMy smile bigger than I've felt capableMy heart leaks with the ability to be happyI feel at peaceI am one with love swirling in yellow clouds andorange raindropsRain drops down my faceTears fall onto my written affirmationsMixing, smearing and staining my positivityThis weird feelin inside has me floating in apuddle of sadnessI cant explain it but I am extremely sadI feel badWishing I could be somewhere else, sunsoaked andsun bathed,Wishing I could be someone else, tight waistinstagram worthyClear mindedWithout pillsYet I feel confused and lostCan you help me?Do you have the time?No hand extendedSo I extended my own hand but I still feellike im slippinRunning out of excuses I mean reasonsLeaving meaningful situationshipsShips sailed abandoning me with mountingproblems and enemiesI ignore everything in order to keep smilingLifeIsGoodGlad to be alive and smiling once moreFor good this timeI should be grateful for everything I haveso many don't even have a quarter of what I doDo you know how blessed you are?JustKeepSmilingFear overtakes bulldozing my happy thoughtsI'm not ungrateful I promiseI'mJustScaredI hate this feelingI dont feel like I deserve happinessWith up comes downWith happy comes overwhleming sadI'm so good I attract the badI have so much loveHate is like a magnetMy sweet smelling fragrance and lightAre tryna be snuffed out by darkLike how farts are invisibleSo has this pain permeatedInternal battles but I'm finally breakingthroughBreaking up with an old wine skinEmbracing newI had the most magical day todayCola

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Ys Falls, Jamaica

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Clothes & ConfidenceI have such a hunger for fashion, design and beautiful garments but to be honest I haven’talways felt comfortable sharing that love. As someone who has been “plus size”-I really dislikethat term, my whole life I have always struggled to find cute stylish clothes in my size. I’m sohappy those days are long behind me, at least when it comes to the states…Canada has somecatching up to do. I typically make a trip once a season to buffalo to pick up affordable itemsthat I’m at least guaranteed the rest of the Toronto plus community isn’t already wearing.When it came to the style of clothes I wore, that was a whole otha situation. I was a tomboyfor the longest time but my style has since evolved. I think now I prefer dressy clothes causehonestly I’ve never been a t-shirt person. I hated how chubby my arms looked so I was the girlwho wore long sleeve shirts in summer and convinced everyone I wasn’t dying of heat cause itmade me “look” slimmer. It amazes me how I never passed out. Out of all styles casual clotheshave been my biggest struggle like jeans and a shirt look sooooo cute on my homegirl..on me?Frumpy. Throughout growing up though I’ve always had people compliment me on being so confidentwhen truth is my insides never always felt that way. I know I’m not alone but ladies, we are sobeautiful. This is why fashion was and is so important to me. My clothes definitely add to howI feel about myself, especially if I own something that is local, hand made or unique. Yes I’venow grown to love myself despite the clothes but the right outfit will have me feeling like a newchick. Life lesson: Confidence comes in different sizes and attitudes just have to find what fitsand rocky it out to its fullest authenticity. Take a look at some of my favorite outfits for summerand for special occasions.For this first issue we caught up with Stefanny Kerr who owns a t-shirt line called Inspirépar dieu (Inspired by God). I know, I know what I said about t-shirts but she’s the firstperson to make me feel comfortable and confident rocking a tshirt-flaws and all. Her line isnot just another name or graphic but it’s deeper, there’s meaning behind what she does andwhy she does it and I for one could use jus a lil more inspiration in my life. So tell us more about your brand ?At Inspiré par Dieu (Inspired By God), we create French and bilingual content, to bringattention to how good God is! On YouTube, you can find weekly videos, vlogs, prayers,songs and studies. On Instagram, little snippets from videos and words of encouragementare shared to build up the faith of young Christian believers.Ok that’s great, so what is the meaning behind Inspiré par dieu ? "Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself: "Is this it?" "Is there more to life?"Well, if you have, you're not alone. We all have an incredible desire to live full andextraordinary lives. And, because our creator knew this, He designed and envisioned aperfect plan for each of us. It is His inspired plan for our lives. The answers you seek arefound by spending time in His presence- He will tell you what your life looks like Inspiredby God. Once you know what that means for you, be sure to walk in it! After all, it waslikely a journey to get to this place, be proud to tell the world you are inspired by God. 

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That gives me so much hope at a time when things feel so dark. Speaking of feelingdark, what is something that has inspired you lately?Something that has inspired me lately is nature. Particularly during this period, wheremany are being asked to stay inside, "stay home", and are unable to go out as theynormally would... being able to take a walk in nature has been nothing short ofTHERAPEUTIC! #Grateful!Nature has been therapeutic for me as well but I’m curious where did the idea for thet-shirts come from?Shanel Cooper-Sykes! Lol it was during her money month, do you remember? I hadpreviously thought of having t-shirts but then she challenged us to create anadditional stream of income that would generate $1000 in the next month. I thoughtthis was perfect. I sat down and got my ideas together and have been sharing my t-shirts ever since.I do remember money month, I believe it was October 2018 and I had stated that Iwas going to give my car away, which people thought I was completely insane for.That moment of stepping out in faith was so necessary and this year 2020 it becamereality and I actually gave my car away. It was such a blessing and a priceless momentand one I hope to do over and over again in the future. Now for my favorite questionto ask other entrepreneurs what do you love about your business?I love the ability to share God's goodness with people all around the world! FromCanada to the United States, to Africa, this business gives me the opportunity to speakof what God is doing and saying and THAT is everything to me! That’s amazing,connecting with people worldwide is a whole otha experience once we step out of ourown boxes.Well I’m so excited to show everyone your amazing t-shirts and all the cute ways theycan be styled. Be sure to check her out on Youtube and Ig @ Inspire par Dieu. Iabsolutely love that her shirts come in both French and English, (being bilingual I gotmine in French) Ya’ll be sure to connect with her to purchase a t-shirt and tell uswhat’s your favorite design?Continued

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Rochelle & ColaCeo's of Unofriginvly Pur. Inc.

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For the love of food! My sister and I are a whole gourmet meal.Between my cheffin skills and her baking abilities we takesatisfaction to a new level. In January we decided to embark ona new journey. Forever searching for the perfect balance withour wellness we decided to tackle a new lifestyle. To start wewent without meat, then missed shrimp and fried fish so muchwe added it back in. Now we dabble with other meats but ourmain focus has been drinking daily smoothies and increasingour vegetable and probiotic intake. Currently we are both doingcleanses-more on that in the next issue but we've alwayswanted to share our recipes for others to try. I mean shoot, I'vebeen cooking since age10 and neva had an ex complain in fact,no matter how things ended; the one thing they had to admit ismy cooking was next level. Ok enough about that, my sister andI have cooked our favorite dishes for this summer and want youto try them along with us. We even reached out to our favoritechef to give y'all some interesting choices, cause honestly foodshould never be boring. Live a little, eat till you're full.#gratitude.

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SNACKS &SOCIAL JUSTICET H I S J U S T I N . . .A business that is not just good for you but good forthe community too.

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Cooking and healthy eating has been an eye opener on this wellness journey,yet one of the most annoying parts has been trying to figure out what snacks toeat. When I get hungry do I grab a bag of chips? Cookies? Carrot sticks? Howdoes this all work? In stores they have those grab and go snacks but they eitherdon’t have something I like or they look half dead. If I’m going to commit to eatingwhat’s good for my body I would at least like to have some varieties that I like thatare fresh, quick and a no brainer. Is that too much to ask? Maybe not, cause I gotthe pleasure of speaking with Susanna King, the owner of Snackables. Snackableshas  a  range  of  curated  healthy  snack  boxes  that  are  perfect  for  home,  gym,events  and  anything  that’ll  make  eating  healthy  more  convenient  for  you.  Enjoythis black girl magic and let’s dig into more of what Snackables is all about.Cola: Hey Susanna, so tell me more about your delicious menu and what we canexpect?Susanna: Well on our menu we have 3 main options: Snackbox, Chips & Dip andEnergy  Bites.  They  consists  of crackers,  fruits, hummus,  pretzels,  nuts,  seeds,veggies and  cheese.  Our  snack  boxes  are  great  for  people  who  are  on  the  go,who need snacks for work, or who are looking for healthy fast food. We have a 5box minimum for each type of box, (Example 5 of the hummus delight.) and offerpick up from paintbox downtown every Wednesday or Friday. We’re hoping to beable to offer delivery by end of summer.Cola: Man  I can’t wait  to get my  boxes, those options  sound  so delicious and  Iabsolutely love what you are offering food wise, but I also understand you had asocial economic offering as well, could you elaborate please?Susanna: Yes I can. Snackables is about quality fresh snacks yes but my goal isalso  to  be  able  to  provide  employment  opportunities  for  young  people  as  theyleave  the  criminal  justice  system.  There’s  obviously  a  correlation  betweenemployment and crime and I just want to do my part in giving people a secondchance to make a difference in their lives. Youth continue to be criminalized anddenied work even  after they leave which repeats  a vicious cycle. I want  toestablish the foundation of snackables first and then be able to start hiring.Cola: That’s actually such a dope idea but not everyone can put action to such abig plan so I gotta ask, what do you love about business?"Snackables is about quality fresh snacks yes, but mygoal is also to be able to provide employmentopportunities for young people as they leave thecriminal justice system."-Susanna King, Founder of SnackablesWhere wellness meetsYouth JusticeSusanna: One of the biggest things I love is that this willone day provide opportunity for others and give them asecond  chance.  I  want  that  when  people  think  of  mybusiness they automatically see it as positive, as helpful,as  something  they  love  supporting.  My  goal  has  neverbeen  about  money,  it  has  always  been  about  creatingemployment  opportunities.  I  want  this  to  be  sosuccessful and I need others to help lift it up.Cola:  That’s  so  inspiring,  which  leads  to  my  finalquestion  for  you,  what  is  something  that  has  inspiredyou lately?Susanna: Inspired me? I’d have to say community! and Isay  that  because  this  is  the  first  time  I’ve  witnessed  inmy generation black people coming together and reallybuilding each other up. It’s inspiring to me because I cansee that  as  a  community we are  really  promoting  eachother  in  ways  we  haven’t  before.  We  are  pushing  ourdollars, spending money with each other, standing up foreach other and in a loving way. This is something that isallowing  me  to  build  up  the  confidence  that  mycommunity will always support me.For  anyone  looking  to  support  and  purchase  they  cansend an email to

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1 medium sized ripe plantain1 medium sized onion4 garlic pegs    2 portobello mushrooms2 green onions    Half yellow pepper   1 can black beans  Corn tortillas1 tsp thyme1 tsp ground mustard1 tsp smoked paprika2 tablespoon chili powderSalt and pepperTaco "Meat":Chop up plantain, green onions, onions, garlic, mushroom and yellow pepper. Add 4tablespoon coconut oil (or cooking oil of choice) to medium sized frying pan or skillet. On medium low heat add onions, plantain, garlic, and green onion to pan and sautéuntil plantain is soft or onion is translucent. Add 1 tsp thyme & 1 tsp ground mustardand stir.Next, add black beans and season with salt n black pepper to taste.Cook for another 3 minsFinally add yellow pepper and mushroom to pan. Add 1 tsp smoked paprika and 2tablespoon chili powder. Continue mixing for another 2 mins then turn off the stove,cover and let sit for 5 mins. Warm corn tortillas and add toppings as desired. BLACK BEANPLANTAIN TACOSHomemade Guacamole3 ripe avocados2 Garlic pegs1/2 medium onion2 green onionsHalf tomato3 sun-dried tomatoes1/8 cup olive oilAdd ingredients into blender. Pulse to desiredtexture. (5-6 times for medium texture)Add Seasoning if desired: 1/4 tsp smoked paprika1/4 tsp Frank's red hot (hot sauce)Salt and pepper to taste Homemade Garlic Aioli7 garlic pegs1/2 lemon, juiced 1 cup mayo1 tsp lemon pepper1 tsp thymeSalt to taste Blend until smooth. Great dipfor veggies, chips, on sandwichesetc.

Made with Broccoli micro-greens and Lactose free cheese.  To make vegan omit cheese or use vegan alternative.

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Spinach + arugulaHalf apple peeled and choppedQuarter yellow pepper 1 Small cucumberHandful of Salted almonds5 pieces sun-dried tomato chopped smallHalf carrot peeled2 green onionBlack pepperRinse all vegetables with water + lemon juiceChop all toppings smallToss together in salad bow

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BEET ROOTLEMONADESummerdrink 2020Refreshing &NutritiousHow to make:2 beets6 lemons6 cups water2 cups brown sugarFresh Mint leavesIf using a juicer:Juice lemon & beets together, pour into pitcher. Addwater and sugar, then stir. Garnish with mint leaves. Serve over ice or chilled.If using a blender:Wash, peel & chop beets; place into blender. Add juicefrom 6 lemons and 2 cups of water to blend. Pour intopitcher, add remaining water and sugar. Stir. Strain ifnecessary. Garnish with mint. Serve over ice or chilled.

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Work out Stink Free

Photography done by Motion 6ix Media.

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My name is Kebrina Morgan (she/her/they). I'm the mother of an amazing 10yr old small human, a publishedauthor, an entrepreneur since 2012 when I started my own business backed by 10+ years of marketingexperience. I'm the C.E.O and your personal Social Media Concierge at K' Media. We’re an all round social mediamarketing company helping female identified entrepreneurs connect with their Tribe (Target Audience) whilegrowing an ecommerce business.We help you Master Your Quarter by setting S.M.A.R.T. goals, reaching/connecting with yourtribe, Mastering your Finances, creating content that converts to sales, or simply identifyingthe major WHY in your business.I love meeting new people because you never know who you'll meet. A trailblazer and definitely someone who ischanging the world, is Kebrina Morgan. One business at a time she is masterfully creating opportunities for otherbusiness to grow, be seen & increase profits. We caught up with her and asked her to introduce herself to y'allHey Kebrina, tell us more about yourselfYassss, goal setting an alla dat stuff I need but rarely do. Everything you've accomplished thus far is amazing!so I have to ask, what do you love about you business? & What inspires you lately?What inspires me?Female entrepreneurs who face all the odds and beat most of them, who are counted out byeveryone but inexplicably find the strength to get up EVERYTIME and say, “I’m not giving up on myself. I don’tknow how but I WILL get it don’t.” Female Resiliency inspires meWhat do I love about my business? A lot actually. The fact that I created a vehicle to assist female entrepreneursplan out and actually do the work to have a successful business quarter. I also love when the clients start seeing theresults of what solid planning and following through can do.This soooo inspiring for me, I often feel counted out and like a misfit, but the fact that there are people out therewho genuinely care makes me feel like I can conquer the world. If you've been seeing our social media lately justknow it has been K' media who has breathed life into our brand and allowed us to stress less knowing we canfocus on other parts of the business. You can find her on ig@ kapostrophemedia

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Hey Cola, I launched Malcolm's Choice to make it easy for everyone to buy black. After searching for a Black homeinspector online to no avail, I knew that any products and/or services could be found Black-owned, but how? That'swhen Malcolm's Choice was born. To date, we have built a local Black-owned business directory and have lofty plans toachieve our vision to make more Black-owned brands household names. Malcolm’s Choice is championing theprocurement of Black-owned products and services, and our success will directly impact the social and economic well-being of Black communities across Canada.New to our network is Jodi-Ann from Malcom's Choice. We've seen the brand on instagram but we've finally gotten toconnect and it's been an absolute pleasure. We love brands that are truly out here tryna see others win and we had toknow more.Hey Jodi-ann tell us more about Malcom's ChoiceThis is incredibly dope, in the last few weeks, I've been seeing a lot more black directories being made but y'all did itbefore it was a trend so hand claps for you. It's so important for us to support our own and build back out black wallstreet. Part of our goal is to also work within our community for services that we need. Everyone I have been speakingto lately has been inspiring me to do better, what has been inspiring you lately? I've recently found inspiration from the community. I feel a new sense of togetherness and the genuine desire to seecommunal growth and success. Even while building relationships virtually, I have huge supporters from people I havenever even met. and vice versa. It's great!Who wouldn't love black owned? We're a whole otha level of magic* Y'all can find Macolm's choice at@malcolmschoice on all platforms. Go go go support amazing black business cause every bit helps.Some of my newest and more rewarding friendships have been virtual, it's like a new way of connecting and one ofmy favorites especially given how far out I currently live from Toronto-(courtice) Being this far is great for businessin terms of it being quiet, and having great nature scenes. I love building this business from home. What about you?What do you love about your business?I love learning about dope Black businesses that are doing great things right here in the GTA. Since startingMalcolm's Choice, ya girls skin is glowing, hair is growing and my overall well being has increased. I love supportingthe community and look to replace the products I use on a regular basis with Black-based brands.

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unforgivinglyWebsite: Unforgivinglypur.comInstagram/Facebook: unforgivinglypurEmail:

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I've heard stories that the straighter my weaveThe more I should believe that success would be inevitableIncredibleBecause the style of my hair could not even compare to the fact that myskin is stillblackBacking me into the deep corners and shadows of my historyIf i even tried to solve the mystery of kinky hair the only results iwould find is that God truly made us a special kind of peopleNot special as in betterOr superiorThat's not the message we want to be teaching the next generationBut this newest population needs to understand the powerful detonationresonating in solidarity instead of separationEspecially if the nation adopts a notion of criticism and discriminationLets increase our community supportSupporting one anotherLike sista and brotharaising our voices to the skyHimy name is cola andIamjust like my hairFunky and freeSometimes wild like a treeI may braid it to tame itShave itColor itWave it or shape itIts beauty knows no boundsMy beauty had to re learn the sounds of loveAn emotion that now makes me proud of this creation from the creator upaboveLoveMy soul urges and searches the highs and lowsTo give loveTo get loveTo show loveTo know loveCause to know love is to know peaceBut when there's no love there's no peacePiecing together my comprehension I've heard mention that we've beencrafted with a purpose and released to a destiny filled with choices andopportunities greater than any style that our hairs could beSee no matta what the world throws at meI'm readyWhether we becomebus driversInventorsTeachersDoctorsOr preachersOur ability to succeedShould never exceedOur appreciationThat we are freeLike John 8:36Free to forgive and be forgivenI feel the rhythms of changeSalut to our hairI've developed a beautifully MultifacetedLove affairI declare that we are royaltyCOLA

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